Emma Harmos

From Science Rendezvous attendee to volunteer: First-year Western student Emma Harmos is inspiring the next generation of scientists

When Western Science Rendezvous began over five years ago, Emma Harmos was in attendance as a grade seven student. Emma Harmos is currently an event volunteer for Western Science Rendezvous 2024 and a first-year Western student studying science.

Hailing from London Ont., Emma’s adventure with Western Science Rendezvous began long before she became a university student. As a young attendee, she eagerly explored the myriad of booths and activities, immersing herself in the event.

“As an attendee I enjoyed seeing all the different areas of study at Science Rendezvous. This event allowed me to see the beauty inherent in science.”

As a high school student, after years of attending the event herself, she volunteered for Western Science Rendezvous in Grade 11. Channeling her enthusiasm for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) into this event hoping to inspire the future generation of scientists.

Little did she know that she would soon transition from high school volunteer to university volunteer. Her journey symbolizes the spirit of giving back that defines Science Rendezvous.

Emma’s commitment to science outreach

Emma’s dedication to science outreach is a big part of why she loves volunteering for Science Rendezvous. 

Emma’s love for STEAM outreach is demonstrated by her unwavering commitment to fostering a love for science in others. “It’s my philosophy that it’s easier to understand science and learn science if you’re doing it hands-on.” She emphasizes the importance of interactive learning experiences like the ones available at Science Rendezvous.

Emma’s remarkable scientific journey is also punctuated by significant milestones, including her prestigious Schulich Leaders scholarship—a testament to her academic excellence and potential in the fields of science and technology. Emma is one of six first-year Western students to win this prestigious $100, 000 national award.

Reflecting on her experiences, Emma underscores the invaluable skills she has gained through her involvement with Science Rendezvous. 

“There’s definitely so many things that you learn while there. I have been able to improve my collaboration, leadership and communication skills.” Emma’s story exemplifies the transformative power of science outreach, inspiring both young and old to embrace the wonders of the universe.

Emma’s future scientific aspirations

For Emma, volunteering as an event volunteer at Western Science Rendezvous represents an important moment in her academic and personal life.

“I just feel like it’s a very full circle moment for me.” 

As she looks towards the future, Emma’s ambitions soar as high as the stars themselves. Next year she hopes to study astrophysics as a second-year science student.

“In the future I’m interested in looking for jobs, maybe in the Canadian Space Agency or the European Space Agency. Meteorites and planetary defense are fields of study that I am looking to pursue. ” 

With boundless enthusiasm and a passion for discovery, Emma Harmos’s Science Rendezvous journey embodies the spirit of scientific inquiry and community engagement, which underscore the mission of Science Rendezvous.

Come to Western University’s Science Rendezvous May 11, 2024 at Alumni Stadium to see all the amazing science exhibits and demonstrations!