About Us

Science Rendezvous is a yearly event that takes place at Western University with the intent to foster a new generation of young scientists. At our event, participants can engage in science-based activities and demonstrations with our team of scientists who encompass a diverse community of graduate research assistants, professors, undergraduate research assistants, and departmental staff from Western University.

Overall, our mission is to spread awareness of the power of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) to the London community and instil a love of discovery in the young population. After all, curiosity invokes an idea, an idea brings about hypotheses, hypotheses bring about experimentation and experiments bring about change and major advancements to society at large! At Science Rendezvous, attendees participate first-hand in the scientific process and get to ask questions, explore different instrumentation, conduct chemistry experiments, interpret forensic data, look through powerful microscopes to the moon, find scientific souvenirs, win prizes, and so much more!

Meet the 2024 Team

Science Rendezvous at Western is being organized by a dedicated group of 52+ individuals who work, study or research across all faculties and departments at Western University!

Event Chairs

Jan Cami
Faculty Lead
Faraj Haddad
Faculty Organizer
Emma Donnelly
Yasmeen Shamiya

Communications Committee

Carly Charron
Communications Chair
Andrea Antony
Sharini Kanni Suresh Babu
Victoria lac-Luu
Celeste Laube
Yuxin Mei
Meghan Voll
Eric Wang

Logistics Committee

Karnig Kazazian
Logistics Co-Chair
Timothy Nunes
Logistics Co-Chair
Thelma Akyea
Shannon Compton
Amr Mousa
Michelle Wong
Miray Youssef
Alap Zahid

Programming Committee

Emilie Potts
Programming Co-Chair
Virginia Wolfe
Programming Co-Chair
Amber Briar
Joshua Cullen
Tessa Fortnum
Cassidy Fu
Darren Jiang
Mark Kwok
Harish Kumar Mani
Ashar Mobeen
Conrad Moore
Mohamad El Fateh Shatila
Homa Vahidi
Karen Wong

Volunteer Committee

Salonee Patel
Volunteer Co-Chair
Samuel Stack-Couture
Volunteer Co-Chair
Jansen Acosta
Emily Dietrich
Albert Luu
Mildred Molle
Rachel Rajsp
Cristina Turcu
Ray Wang
Soojung Yu

Sponsorship and Marketing

Mila Gracic
Kendra Prasad

Website/App Developers

Sujoy Datta
Longjie Fang
Emma Lord
Sarah Murad